Seagull series – The Shaman

Dance your Feathers (The Shaman)

Dance your feathers, Shaman;
Dance ecstatic madness in your mad ecstasy.
Dance a frenzied fire, unprotected.
Forever dance the dance
For all of us
Who pray for you.

Overwhelm our grieving;
Fortify our failings and scatter all our fears;
Free our hopes from their capricious futures;
Embalm our memories
In royal blue
Of God’s own shawl.

Dance for foolish mortals;
Dance for loss undimmed by remorse or drug or sleep.
Dance for our redemption in your vision;
Foretell all sorrow’s end,
In Heaven’s light,
For all our souls.

Dance your death away, Shaman.
For all of us.

Flow (Sarah Rebecca)
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