Sarah Rebecca

Flow (Sarah Rebecca)

I am here, my children, Still here, forever here. Time still flows evenly, endlessly, Suffusing all earthly things With a ...
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Seagull series – The Shaman

Dance your Feathers (The Shaman)

Dance your feathers, Shaman; Dance ecstatic madness in your mad ecstasy. Dance a frenzied fire, unprotected. Forever dance the dance ...
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Seagull series – The Patriot

Pride (The Patriot)

Pride is a standard, not a sin, The posture you bear for your kin and your kind, The only true ...
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Seagull series – The Herald

The Herald

Come and hear the trumpets singing For the fallen and the wise; Light the torches of beginnings Floating far beyond ...
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The Surgeon

Medicine Man (The Surgeon)

I’m alone now. My scoured body is draped and ready, Like a sacrifice to an Aztec god. Minions scurry round ...
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Afghani Woman

I Think I See You (Afghani Woman)

I passed your tiny stall a while ago, And saw you there, the trodden and the icon, The wretched and ...
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New Guinea Mudman

Doubt (New Guinea Mudman)

The dancing’s running late; I have to wait alone; When I’m in this state They think I’m in some mystic ...
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Canadian Klansman

What?! (Canadian Klansman)

I can always tell; Something bothers you; Gotta be the tassel or the Cross. There’s no need to stare or ...
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Wail for our Brothers    (Still Life...With Bird)

Wail for our Brothers (Still Life…With Bird)

Wail for our brothers, my brothers; Cry bitter tears in the sun and the rain; Choke on the tears of ...
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