Wail for our Brothers (Still Life…With Bird)

Wail for our brothers, my brothers;
Cry bitter tears in the sun and the rain;
Choke on the tears of our mothers;
Howl at the horror of Abel and Cain
Re-played again and again and again

Whimper and plead for our daughters;
Mourn for the fathers and sons we can save.
We are not spared from the slaughter;
Evil will find us in condos and caves;
Measure us all for the shroud and the grave.

Madness envelops the planet;
Mercy is tortured and buried alive;
Seize all the guns and the hatchets;
Stand in the way if you hope to survive.

No more refined declarations;
No more inviting the butchers to dine;
No more rehearsed lamentations;
No more pretending we’re all deaf and blind.

Turn to the funeral pyres;
See what your eyes won’t believe;
Witness the blood and the fires;
Cradle your babies and grieve.

Touch the cold face of your lover;
Feel yourself dying alone.
We are entwined in each other;
Everyone’s death is our own.

What?! (Canadian Klansman)