Canadian Klansman

What?! (Canadian Klansman)

I can always tell;
Something bothers you;
Gotta be the tassel or the Cross.
There’s no need to stare or turn away;
I won’t ask you for a donation,
Or call on your friends and relations.

I’m a loyal man,
Loyal through and through.
Twenty years I’ve worn my high school tie;
Been much longer with my faithful friends.
We always rely on each other,
‘Cause under the sheets we are brothers.

Look behind the mask and see the truth beneath the hood;
See the person, not the symbol or the fire or the blood;
See me only standing up for what is pure and good;
Anyway, when we are done, we’ve only burned some wood.

You’re an honest man;
You know truth from lies;
See what stepping out on God has wrought:
Bloodlines desecrated and defiled.
An honest man has to admit it;
A loyal man wouldn’t permit it.

I’m a family man,
Barbecues and all;
Coaching ball, attending church, and soon
I’ll be boss at Pop’s appliance store.
A family must be defended;
The flower of youth must be tended.

All is lost if no one takes responsibility;
It’s the price we have to pay to keep our children proud and free.
We won’t tell you how to live, but let’s get one thing clear:
Right is right and race is race, and you’re not welcome here.

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